Warranty & Customer Service



Each piece of our jewelry is made to order and handcrafted in our local workshop. Our jewelry is non-returnable and non-refundable. We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our products and are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction. In the unlikely event you experience a problem or concern with your jewelry, please contact us immediately by phone at 760-487-5080 or by email sales@diamondshoppeinc.com so we may promptly assist you.


This Limited Lifetime Jewelry Warranty warrants that the product shall be free of manufacturing defects. If there is a manufacturing defect, The Diamond Shoppe will repair or replace the item at no cost to you. This warranty is limited to repair and/or replacement at The Diamond Shoppe’s discretion. The Diamond Shoppe is not responsible for failure of any product caused by or attributable to: (a) misuse of product (b) neglect or abuse of product (c) accident to product (d) loss of the product or loss of any part of the product and/or (e) ordinary wear and tear of product over time. The Diamond Shoppe is not responsible for the sentimental value of original jewelry. This Limited Lifetime Jewelry Warranty will be considered void should the purchaser have the jewelry worked on or altered through any outside source other than The Diamond Shoppe. The jewelry must be cleaned and checked at least once every year by an authorized representative at The Diamond Shoppe and the inspection must be verified in writing in the Limited Lifetime Jewelry Warranty Inspection Record to keep the warranty valid. Please be sure to bring the Limited Lifetime Jewelry Warranty with you to take advantage of the free inspection and cleaning.We may recommend repairs such as to a prong and/or other parts of the mounting to limit the possibility of a loss of any diamond or gemstone. In the event that such a repair is required, you may be charged a nominal discounted rate for required services. You are required to have any recommended repair work completed to keep your warranty valid.


The Diamond Shoppe shall take action under this warranty when the purchased product is brought in store with this warranty, inspection record, and original sales receipt. Repairs may take a minimum one-week and up to twelve weeks. The Diamond Shoppe is not responsible for the time needed to repair a product. The Diamond Shoppe cannot guarantee to replicate exact original handmade details such as but not limited to: engraving, milgrain, and wirework. The Diamond Shoppe is not responsible for the sentimental value of the original product and/or parts. In the event you must ship the item to The Diamond Shoppe, you are responsible for shipping costs to The Diamond Shoppe and return shipping costs to ship back to you. Please contact The Diamond Shoppe ahead of time prior to shipping. You are also responsible to insure the item in transit or assume the responsibility of risk of loss or damage in transit. Please include this warranty, inspection record, and original sales receipt.


The Diamond Shoppe will give you full credit for the original purchase price of your center diamond at any time that you wish to trade it towards the purchase of any regularly in-stock stock diamond. We do not offer any cash back; a diamond trade must be done of at least equal value. You must bring your original sales receipt with you and make an appointment for all upgrades. Diamond trade value is not including sales tax; any sales receipt that does not have the diamond purchase price but a special combination price will be assessed by an authorized Diamond Shoppe representative at the time of upgrade. California sales tax is applicable to the full value of the upgraded diamond; Sales tax paid is not transferable to any future purchase or upgrade.


Our Limited Lifetime Jewelry Warranty does not apply to or cover accidental loss, theft, or accidental damage to the jewelry. There is no substitute for insurance. We urge you to insure your jewelry for theft, accidental damage, or loss.We are happy to assist you throughout the process of insuring your jewelry and handling any jewelry claims. With this warranty, we also include a free appraisal of any jewelry purchased at The Diamond Shoppe. For updated appraisals, please be sure to make an appointment and bring in your jewelry to be re-inspected. We are also happy to appraise any other jewelry to our customers at a discounted rate. Should your center diamond or gemstone separate, chip, or break from its mounting, we are happy to assist you through the insurance claim process; however, we do not cover such loss or damage.The purchaser is responsible for insuring their jewelry from loss, theft, or incidental damage.


Some of our unique men’s items constructed from materials such as stainless steel, carbon fiber, cobalt, titanium, and tungsten, are either not meant to last a lifetime and/or are non-precious metals that may chip and break under normal wear, and therefore, merchandise containing these materials are not covered by our Lifetime Limited Jewelry Warranty. Some alternative metal items purchased may come with a separate manufacturer’s warranty directly from the manufacturer for size exchange or replacement. In this case, The Diamond Shoppe can assist in replacing your alternative metal jewelry by shipping it back to the manufacturer for a replacement in the same style if available or a similar style. The customer will be responsible for the shipping costs.


Precious Gemstones other than diamonds can be more susceptible to damage in an accident or normal wear and tear. We recommend insuring all jewelry. In the event that your gemstone needs to be recut or re-polished, we will do so when possible at a special discounted rate. We are also happy to assist you in any insurance claim process.


Jewelry purchased at The Diamond Shoppe will be cleaned and inspected free of charge during regular business hours. Between in-store cleanings, you may maintain the brilliance of your diamond by cleaning daily according to these simple instructions; dip ring in prepared cleaning solution obtained through The Diamond Shoppe or with gentle liquid soap, clean your diamond with the brush provided or a soft toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and wipe with a soft towel. Follow these easy tips and your diamond will remain as beautiful as the day you bought it for many years to come.


The Diamond Shoppe will size your engagement ring (when possible) free of charge within a three-month period after purchase until you are satisfied with the fit. Finger size commonly fluctuates with each individual up to one whole size due to factors such as physical activity, weather, food, drink, and time of day. Due to these factors, sizing multiple times to get the correct finger size that you are comfortable with can be common and normal. Sizing may alter the shape, thickness, engraving, and milgrain details of a ring. The Diamond Shoppe does not assume any responsibility for these changes due to sizing and these changes are at the customer's risk. The Diamond Shoppe will resize rings (when possible) free of charge during and after pregnancy to our customers. In any other circumstance, we will resize rings when possible at a nominal fee (subject of the price of materials at the time; gold, platinum, etc.). If in any case sizing is not possible, The Diamond Shoppe is not responsible for replacement of the ring.


As a courtesy, The Diamond Shoppe provides a professional jewelry appraisal for all GIA certified diamond engagement rings. A proper appraisal ensures that in the case of damage, theft or loss your insurance company will give you an equal replacement of your item. All of our appraisals are performed by an independent Gemologist and GIA certified appraiser.The appraisal is calculated using current market data and based on the diamond(s), metal and craftsmanship used in the jewelry making process. It may include the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of the gemstone(s) as well as photograph(s). Your insurance company can use this appraisal to calculate a coverage rate for your diamond jewelry.


We offer one free deep clean and polish, (as well as rhodium when necessary), one time prior to your wedding. We also provide one free annual deep clean and polish (as well as rhodium when necessary) to an engagement ring purchased at The Diamond Shoppe. To take advantage of this, you must bring your warranty card. Any additional deep cleanings to wedding bands or other jewelry purchased at The Diamond Shoppe, we offer our customers at a nominal fee of $25 and up per item. We recommend this be done approximately once a year to maximize the brilliance of your jewelry. We also provide prong re-tipping at a discounted rate to our customers, as well as other maintenance services at special discounted rates. Center diamond tightening will be provided free of charge when necessary.Also, if you have any jewelry, gold, or silver to sell, The Diamond Shoppe will buy from you, or you can trade it in to create a piece you adore! Stop by today and we can give you a quote!


We want you to have a shopping experience like no other so we have taken every precaution necessary to make shopping with us safe. Secure credit card payment and bank wire transfer information are available over the phone. You may contact us at 760-487-5080 for assistance, 10AM – 6PM PST or email any time sales@diamondshoppeinc.com to inquire.


The Diamond Shoppe offers insured, overnight shipping via US Postal Service Express delivery on every jewelry order at no additional charge to our customers within the United States, offering you added security on your purchase. We are also quite familiar with shipping to Military APO/FPO/DPO addresses and are here to help with any questions.